Benedictine Sisters of St. Martin Monastery

96 Nassau Street

P.O. BOX N-940

Nassau, Bahamas

Phone: 1 (242) 323-5517


About us

Our way of life is not restricted to any one ministry. The Rule of Benedict affirms both manual and intellectual work as essential to a balanced life.  Our small community of eleven (11) members are educators, administrators, Pastoral workers, healthcare givers, homemakers, mentors, and spiritual guiders.



On October 3rd, 1937, a new possibility opened up for young Catholic women in The Bahamas when three local young women of New Providence answered the call to enter religious life.

The women were formed and guided by the Sisters of Charity from Mount St. Vincent, New York and the Benedictine priests from St. John's Abbey in Minnesota.

In 1962 the Sisters of St. Martin joined the Benedictine Community of St. Benedict’s Convent of St. Joseph, Minnesota. They became a part of a great Monastic Community with a tradition that dates its origin to the sixth century following the rule and customs of its founder, St. Benedict and his twin sister Scholastica, in the Caves of Subiaco, Italy. We became an independent Monastery in 1994.



We, the Benedictine Sisters of St. Martin Monastery, Nassau Bahamas are a monastic community of women, seeking to follow Christ through a vowed life of Stability, Fidelity to the monastic way of life and obedience. We strive to be rooted in Jesus Christ, Our Benedictine heritage and the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.


Mission Statement

The grace of "preferring nothing to Christ" impels us to contemplate and hear God's call, evident in the needs of the local church and the world. Inspired and formed by the Gospel, the Rule of Benedict and the Benedictine Tradition, we offer hope and ministry freely as our gifts and vows allow.


Vocations - Become a Sister

Is God calling you to become a Sister? Come and discern how you may respond to God's calling as a Benedictine Sister.   

For further information contact St. Martin Monastery Vocation Director Sister Marva Coakley. You are invited to join the sisters at prayer.


Become an Oblate

Oblates of St. Benedict are Christian individuals or families who have associated themselves with a Benedictine community in order to enrich their Christian way of life. Oblates shape their lives by living the wisdom of Christ as interpreted by St. Benedict. Oblates seek God by striving to become holy in their chosen way of life. By integrating their prayer and work, they manifest Christ's presence in society.

Interested in becoming an Oblate? Contact  Sister Cecilia Albury, OSB, Director



Sister Annie Thompson, OSB, Prioress

Sister Mary Benedict Pratt, OSB 

Sister Jucintha Neely, OSB

Sister Mary Josephine Albury, OSB

Sister  Marva Coakley, OSB, Vocation Director

Sister Clare Rolle, OSB,  Director of the Samaritan Ministry

Sister  Cecilia Albury, OSB

Sister  Vernice Wilson,  OSB

Sister Agatha Hunt, OSB

Sister Ena Albury, OSB

Sister Janis Coakley, OSB


Gift Shop

Visit our gift shop and see the variety of homemade crafts and religious articles 



Rule of St. Benedict

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Federation of Benedictine Sisters

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